We have been assisting clients to source properties since 2002.

We do not charge for advice, or charge a sourcing fee. We just offer straight forward advise on if the property is high yielding – a good investment OR not to buy. This honest advise helps our clients make the right investment choices.

Hull is a booming City for investment properties and now is one of the top 10 cities to invest your money BUT there are lots of sourcing agents and estate agent only interested in selling you a property and lots know full well you may have a problem later either getting a good tenant OR selling it and making a profit. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients know everything before they buy and. Make good investment choices.

We have existing clients looking to sell their properties and we offer then to our existing data base before they go on the market. They usually have a proven track record and with tenants already in situ.

If you are looking to invest give us a call for some free advice.

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